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tv   British House of Commons  CSPAN  February 13, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EST

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after that, speeches by rick santorum, mitt romney, and newt gingrich. wednesday in the british house of commons, david cameron answered several questions concerning changes to the national health service. ed miliband said medical professional groups believe the changes will jeopardize the future of the group. they also paid tribute to queen elizabeth ii. this marks the 16th anniversary of her accession to the throne. this is about 35 minutes. >> questions, mr. andy slaughter. >> number one, serve. >> thank you, mr. speaker. before listing my engagement i'm sure the whole house will wish to join with me in paying tribute to her majesty, the queen during -- [shouting] >> in what is an absolutely historic week marking the 60th
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anniversary of further a session to the throne. her majesty's six years of remarkable ledership and dedicated to public service are in inspiration to us all, and something the whole country and whole commonwealth can be immensely proud of. [shouting] members will obvious have the opportunity to individual tributes during the humble address debate. this morningi had meetings with minister colleagues and others, and in addition to my duties in this house i shall further such meetings later today. >> i'm sure the whole house, not least myself, wish to join the prime minister and his warm tribute to her majesty. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, in march last year the prime minister said there is no reason for there to be fewer front-line police officers. mr. speaker, can the prime minister now confirm that front-line officers numbers have been cut in 40 out of 43 police forces?
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>> the proportion of officers on the front line is up. [shouting] and i'm sure he will want to join me in congratulating mayor johnson on his excellent record on crime. [shouting] in our capital. total crime is down, violent crime is down on buses and tubes. 11,000 knives and guns have been taken off our streets. there are 1000 moe offirs on the streets of london at the end of his term then at the beginning. that together with his reminder of the rule of the dangers of tweeting i think is good start for the y. [shouting] >> does my right honorable friend share my disappointment, the overthrow yesterday of the first democratic elected president in a coup d'├ętat? and giving up historic links with the island, will the government by the way of a message to all they can to ensure that no violence results
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and that the democratic institutions remain? >> well, my honorable friend is right. this country does have strong links with the maldives and does have a good relationship with e president. i think we have to be careful. the prident has resigned and we have a strong interest in the well being of several thousand british tourists, and in a stable and democratic government in the maldives. high commissioner is in the capital now. we call on the new government to demonstrate its respect for the rights of all political parties and their members, and to ensure that the constitution is upheld. we advise british tourist to avoid nonessential travel to the island an those using the airport and the tourist resorts should exercise caution. >> ed miliband. [shouting] >> mr. -- mr. speaker, can i join the prime ministers in paying tribute to her majesty, the queen, as we celebrate a
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time of jubilee. her dedication to the country and the public service is an inspiration and honor to us all. we all look forward to the official celebration later this year. which will enable us to celrate both her majesty and our country. mr. speaker, on the day the prime minister completed his nhs listening exercise, he said this, some of the people who work in te nhs were skeptical of our changes. today, we are taking people with us. [laughter] and it is, and it is in that series of unity that we -- [laughter] might he think he failed? >> today, 95% of the country is covered by general practitioners who not only our support our reforms, they are implementing our reforms.
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[shouting] and just, and just come and just today -- >> order. the house must calm down. we have a long way to go. lets you the answer. the prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. and just today, 50 foundation trusts have written to the newspaper in support of our reforms and object into what they are proposing. and the signature at the top of the list which he may not have noticed is one and campbell, the former labour mp for cambridge. sheet, running her foundation trusts supports perforce. that is what happened. labour mps leave his house and they start implementing coalition policy. [shouting] >> ed miliband. >> mr. speaker, even he doesn't believe that, nonsense he just came out with. last friday, last friday the royal college of general practitioners said this about
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his health bill. and i quote, it will cause irreparable damage to patient care and jeopardize the nhs. well, starting from a second position and it's nice to see him here. [shouting] [laughter] >> some distance away, i notice. mr. speaker, the prime minister, the prime minister said, the prime minister said he wants he voice of dominance to be heard in the nhs. why doesn't he listen to them? >> it's always good to get a lecture on happy family from the right honorable member. [laughter] [shouting] i care passionately about our nhs, not least because what it's done for my family and because of the amazing service that i have received. now, i want to see that excellent service implemented
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for everyone. and that means two things. it means we've got to put more money into the nhs and we are putting the money and. i did also means we've got to reform the nhs. he used to be in favor of the reform. let me begin this. who said this? to safeguard the nhs in tougher fiscal times, we need sustained reform. that was in the labour manifesto e last election. [shouting] and on the issue of money, because the money in a passionaten nhs is important we are committed to 12 and half billion pounds in this parliament. and yet his helth spokesman, sitting right there, said and i quote, it would be a responsible and irresponsible to spend more money on the nhs than not in favor of the money, not in favor of the reform, a are just a bunch of opportunists. [shouting] >> ed miliband. >> know, mr. speaker.
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isn't this interesting? because he says this is all about reform. the tory reform group has come out against these proposals. [laughter] i have to say, mr. speaker, it comes to something when even the tories don't trust the tories on nhs. [laughter] listen to what the chair of the royal college of gp's -- oh, oh, oh, oh. when the people can when they want to put in heart of the nhs, they think about their bill they just -- listen to what she said. and i quote, this bill is a burden. it makes no sense. it's incoherent. it won't deal with the big issues. and it will result in a health service that certainly will never match the health service we had 12 months ago.
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mr. speaker, which part of that doesn't he understand? >> let's look at what's happened to the nhs over the last 18 months. yes, let's look at the figures. 100,000 patients treated more every month. 4000 extra doctors in the nhs. the number of clinical staff up. the level of hospital acquired infections down. the number of people who are in mixed wards down by 914%. that is what's happeni because you have a combination of money going in and reform. we know what happened if you don't put in the money, and you don't do the reform because there's one part of the nhs that is run by labour. and that is in wales. so let us have a look at what is happeng to the nhs in wales. they cutthe money, and one-third of people are waiting longer than 18 months. 18 weeks. that is what's happening in labour's nhs, and if he didn't
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put them in income if he didn't have the reforms it would happen right here, to. >> ed miliband. >> i'm not surprised, mr. speaker, he's getting so agitated because he thought, because he thought that the nhs was the wayto modernize the conservative party. and i'm afraid it's coming apart. and i'll tell him why it's coming apart, because the promises he made before the election are coming back to haunt him. we all remember that promise, no more top down and re- organization. and now he says he knows better than the doctors, better than the nurses, better than the midwives, better than the patient's associations. people who day in, day out rely on and devote their lives to the health service. now mr. speaker, this is a matter of trust in the prime minister. can he honestly looked people in the health service in the eye and say he kept his promise of no more top down reorganization?
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>> what we're doing is cutting the bureaucracy in nhs. we are taking out four and aors, nurses, hospitals, health care assessment. that is what is happening in nhs. but there's one group of people, i won't listen to and that is the people who ran the nhs under labour. this is what they did. 6 million pounds wasted on nhs computer. 250 million pounds spent on private sector operations but were never carried out. we still got private finance initiative agreements where we pay 300 pounds every time someone changes a lightbulb. that is what we got from labour. we are putting the money in. we're putting the reforming. the operations are a. the waiting times are done. the nhs is improving and that's the way it's going to stay.
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[shouting] >> i'll tell im about our record on nhs, mr. speaker, the shortest waiting time in nhs history. [shouting] more doctors and nurses than ever before. [shouting] the highest level of patient satisfaction ever in the health system and. [shouting] but everyone will have heard a primeminister unabl to defend the promise he made, the promise of no more top down reorganization. a prime minister who has broken his word. and the reality is this, all his attention is on this pointless top down reorganization, and the front line is suffering. the number of people waiting more than 18 weeks up under him. a&e targets being missed, canceled operations. mr. speaker, why won't he just give up and stop wasting millions and drop his bill? [shouting] >> if the rord were so good why were they thrown out of the
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last election? [shouting] now, let me just -- let me -- [shouting] >> order. i'm worried. i'm worried about opposition members. they must call themselves. the prime minister. >> let me remind the right honorable gentleman in of a clear test that he set for the reform and that he set for the government. he said the test was whether waiting times and waiting list would come down. let me now give him the figures. the figures are these. inpatient waiting time down. outpatient waiting time down. the number of people waiting more than a year down to its lowest ever. the number of people waiting for six months down. and, indeed, the number of people on the waiting list. what he said was the clear test, that is down. that's what it proves about this labour leader, even when he moves the goalposts he can't put in the back of the net.
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[shouting] >> ed miliband. >> mr. speaker, the person is moving the goalpost is the prime minister. the reality is that the key test at was set for the health service was a number of people working more than 18 weeks. that number is up 43% since the general election. however, much he twists and turns, that is the reality. and look, mr. speaker, he kno in his heart of hearts this is a complete disaster. that's what his aides are saying the health secretary should be taken out and shot because they know it's a disaster but the reality about this bill is this. that doctors know, the nurses know it's bad for the hs, and paents know it's bad for the nhs. evy day he fights for this bill, every day trust in him on nhs ebbs away an everyday it becomes clear the health service is not safe in his hand. [shouting] i'm going to tell them that grim
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prospect for the right honorable friend are a lot better than his. [lauter] that's what this is abu this is not a campaign to save the nhs but this is a campaign to try to save his leadership. and i make this prediction. the nhs will go on getting better and his prospects will go on getting worse. [shouting] >> thank you, mr. speaker. when the war program was introduced in october 2010, the economic -- [inaudible] it has climbed to 75%. with a prime minister ke to congratulate the people, for that success? >> i certainly join my horable friend and congratulating not only the people there but the people conducting the work program and conducting our welfare reforms because i think what we are seeing is poor people actually becoming able to work and, therefore, able to
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enter the workforce and to raise not only the country's living standards but raise their own living standards. >> mark index. [inaudible] mr. speaker, the prime minister has got a reputed but rebalancing. this is a major blow to manufacturing in this country. other european leaders can go and help their companies get major contract. why is this premise not doing and why do we not have the contracts with the injured and -- the indian government? >> the honorable gentleman ought to think about the fact that all european leaders are actually backing the euro fight project. it's a german project, it's a spanish project but it is a british project and that's how it should be. i'm very disappointed by what has happened in idia, but the euro fire is not out of the contest and we need to reengage as hard ase can to make sure
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that we get the best deal for all those workers in britain make euro fighters but instead of shouting i think this is something that ought to unite parties, getting behind a great defense producers. >> in order for the constituents of mine could access the drugs antrade issues and how to under the nhs constitution, r consultant, a specialist on collegesthe secretary of health and i had to write a few letters, oneill health care specials devil decide what treatments their patients get? >> i think the honorable lady raises an important point, which is simply introduction of the drugs fund under this government, 10,000 more people have been able to get cancer drugs that are so essential. let me tell you one thing that would really damage cancer treatment in this country, and that is their proposal from the party opposite to cap at 5% in the private sector involved in a hospital to one of the best cancer hospitals in the country,
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they would have to cut by a quarter the services that they deliver. what a crazy left wing plan that only the honorable ntleman can come up with. >> mr. speaker, three months time just before the olympics. a truly dangerous man will be roaming the streets of london thanks to prime minister of abolishing control ordersof house arrest provisions. how can the prim minister justify putting the public's right to life at risk in order to get over to the liberal democrats when they demand to abolish this? [shouting] >> the situation with him is completely unacceptable. as i said when i went to make a speech in front of the council of europe about this issue, it is not acceptable that we end up with a situation we have someone in your country that threatens to do you harm that you cannot
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try, yo cannot detain, and you cannot deport. that is why the government will do everything it can, working with our jordanian friends and allies to make sure he can be deported again, instead of sniping about him and the whole house ought to unite to help solve this our. >> dr. julian lewis. >> since last september, only a tiny handful of th 165 acute mental health untold inpatient beds were vacant. yet the trust concern proposes to cut those 165 beds, to 107, replacing them with something called a hopital at home more virtual word. given that i believe the statistics on which this is based are inconsistt and unreliable, will the prime minister support my call for indy pendant experts from the
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audit commission to look at those gures before those beds are closed? >> i think the honorable gentleman makes an important point. of course, we're putting the extra resources into the nhs, there needs to be a clear series of beds as there are now der our plan before any facilities are changed or close. that is about making sure there is a backing for what is propos to making sure that any such changes would improve the health of the area. very happily look at the issue he raises and make sure the department of health engage with them on that issue. >> andrew miller. >> for police authorities concluded what i shared with the chancellor just started buying cars from korea. afte that, when i'm going to see some leadership from the prime minister about public procurement? >> the most important thing in terms of police procurement is
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the police forces get together and procure together to cut their costs. i think we have all lost count of the times of wondering aashto wandered the police station and seeing different types of vehicle, all causing a large amount of money. what the public what is police on the streets, not money spent on unnecessary procurements. >> thank you, mr. speaker. apprentice will have seen this morning select committee report on libya. will my right honorable friend till the house with steps he's taken to ensure the you gay will be fully able to effect when all you gay nationals from conflict zones and reduce our reliance on similar aircraft speak with my honorable friend rais an important point that i think the libya evacuation and other potential evacuations in a dangerous and unstable world have brought him to is the importance of having transpor aircraft in the m.o.d. and in the raf. i can announce today that because the ministry of defense'finances on better front and better manage because we found savings come will be
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able to purchase an additional c-17 for the raf. this aircraft is becoming an absolutely brilliant work force for the raf in terms of bringing men and material into a war zone like afghanistan, but also evacuating civilians in times of need but isn't an important investment for the country and i'm glad to announce we can make it today. >> thank you, mr. speaker. me for civil associate myself with attributes to her majesty, the queen. >> here, here. >> yesterday the all party independence group on stocking published reports. the prime minister knows my interest in thsubject, and the government concluded yesterday. will he now please meet with myself and a small group of all party members to discuss this urgent need for stocking law? >> we do take this issue very issue. i'm happy to meet with him and discuss it. i know he has had conversations with the home office. were all out to get this issue right.
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if there is a need for legislative changes that may well be opportunitiein the next session for that sort of legislation and i'll happily meet and talk with him about a. >> david ruffley. >> i'm proud highlight the college that is increased its number of applications from nine to 160 over the last three years. the government is increase in number of apprenticeships by 177,000 in the last year alone. does my right honorable friend agree that the cheapest like these illustrate the importance and the commitment required to give apprenticeships the focus and attention recognition that did deserve? >> i think my auto friend and on the record i think is one of the most important investmts we can make in the future and helping young people is investing inapprenticeships. the number over the last year is up by a staggering 60%, 457,000 people starting apprenticeships. and an apprenticeship week i think it's important to stress what we're doing to get over the objections people are fed making
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sure there are more apprenticeships more easily had by small businesses, by the payment of a simple feed, making sure we have more high level of apprenticeships that we show apprenticeips are every bit as good as having a university degree and and boulder university degree, and also cutting the bureaucracy by allowing big business is to actually run the apprenticeships themselves rather than doing it through training. all of these things make a big difference. >> why hasn't the government launched an appeal against the judgment? [inaudible] >> we are doing everything we can to get this man out of the country. the absolutely key thing to do is an agreement with jordan about the way he will be treated because the european court on human rights has me it very clear judged on the. i have to think it is the wrong judgment i regret that judgment. this guy should've been deported
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years ago. but nevertheless, if we get that agreement with jordan he can be on his way. [inaudible] with the prime minister agree we need a simpler alternative for our smallest firms for dismissal rules? >> i think my honorable friend is right to raise this issue. if every small business in the country hires an additional worker that would go a long way of curing both long-term and youth unemployment at one stroke. we've got to make it easier for businesses to take people on that one of the key considerations businesses have is a difficult it is to let someone go that doesn't work out, and that's why extending to two years the amount of time you have to work of we get access to the tribunal i think can make a real difference in terms of small business employment. >> thank you, mr. speaker.n
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prime minister repeatedly on my visit to india and in deed, and, indeed, at the g20. but let m just remind her of one important factor when i loaded up an airplane with british businesses, including people like rolls-royce and took them to sell our defense equipped of who was it who attacked me? who was it who put down the press issues? who was it who just doesn't stand up for british and is a, british defense companies and british jobs? its labour. [shouting] >> on monday, mr. speaker, i visited the offices of the free press to do what my constituents have been saying to them about proposed changes to health services at the hospital. and i can tell the prime minister that labour's frantically busy in my constituency is a distrust and
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despair. does he agrewith me that the right way and health care in our constituent is foundation trust-based? >> i think my honorable friend is entirely right. the whole point of the reform is to put the power in the hands of local doctors so that they make decisions on behalf of patients, and what is good for health care in the local area. and will find of the committee hospitals that were repeatedly undermined by the party opposite would get a great boost for local people and local doctors want to see them succeed. that's what our reforms are all about. [inaudible] >> now because of faulty medical, they are being filled by private clinic and by an nhs achieve. wecan see the future of a privatized nhs. will the prime minister pledge, will the prime minister pledged
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to support those women in nhs now and claim against the clinic later quickly dropped the health and social care bills we don't have -- [shouting] >> let me take the honorable ladies question into halves if i make it i think she is entirely right about the scandal of the implants but the government has made absolutely clear that we will offer every one of those women a free consultation and making sure that on the nhs we do everything we can to help them. it is an absolute scandal, and the private clinics that could have his operations should give the maximum presre to undo the harm they have done. but let me just say to her about the issue of greater competition and choice within the nhs but i actually think she should listen to pass labour politicians who have said themselves that actually greaterchoice, greater competition, the involvement of the private sector, that can help raise standards in our nhs system and that's why we should support it. >> thank you, mr. speaker.
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the threat to shipbuilding raises a question mark over 1500 livelihoods, and also 70,000 jobs in the wider region supply chain. i know the premise or shares my concerns about this, but will he commit all he can to protect this? >> i think the honorable lady is right to speak up for her constituency and to speak up for shipbuilding. they have not approach the can with any propal to rationalize the shipbuilding in the you gay but as far as i'm aware there are no decisions yet been taken by the country. what i would say, this governments me but to the royal navy is that we are building the global combat ships, where building the submarines. there is a plan for replacing him and also plans as well underway for having aircraft carriers. that is a major punch for the royal navy which i strongly support. >> thank you, mr. spea


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